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A Scam for Everything, Even Traffic Tickets

Scammers are at it again. This time, they’re using traffic tickets to suck you in. This past November, several news outlets reported on e-mails that Calgarians received from scammers claiming to be from the Calgary Police Service.[1] According to the reports, these scammers said they were sending traffic tickets via an e-mail attachment and instructed victims […]

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Handling speeding ticket(s) in traffic court: Tips for doing it yourself

Speeding tickets happen… For some of us, they happen more often than they do for others. While there’s tons of advice on the internet about how to handle cops who are giving you a speeding ticket, there’s not much quality advice to be found on how to deal with traffic tickets once you get to traffic court. […]

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Holding Your Own: Tips for Traffic Court Etiquette

Are you about to make an appearance in Calgary’s traffic court system? Perhaps you have been summoned as a witness, or more likely you have received a traffic ticket and decided to try fighting it on your own. While we obviously do not advise this course of action,

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